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Today, India is going through significant environmental challenges resulting from the exponential growth in population, exploding urbanization, climate change, scarcity of resources, etc. Being in environmental services, we understand there are challenges ahead, and we know how to convert those challenges into opportunities. SUEZ works collaboratively with its customers, recognizing the unique problems they face and delivering solutions that comply with the latest regulations and pretty much capable of addressing futuristic issues.
Innovation has been an essential part of SUEZ's DNA. This key aspect makes us competitive – be it contractual or technological or process - we have successfully brought breakthroughs that have revolutionized the industry. This is only possible because we have created an ecosystem that facilitates innovation. We understand we need to constantly develop our employees, furthering their expertise through training that strengthens their technical capability, and inspire them to think innovatively.

Our strength lies in our firm intent to work in the greater interest of human society and the ability to adapt and change. Our passion drives us to deliver solutions that can address the challenges that our customers meet every day.

On December 9, the Demos on Demand invite you and all our customers and stakeholders to discover the best of SUEZ's innovation, live. Demos on Demand are a series of eight 1-hour webinars broadcasted live on December 9, 2020, from Australia, China, India, France, Spain & Chile, and the United States, to showcase SUEZ's most exciting innovations with our teams and partners in the field, across the world.

For the India session, join us from 2.30 to 3.30 p.m. to explore our Open Innovation programs initiated with the local communities for sustainable water management in Kolkata and Coimbatore. Find out how have residents and students in Coimbatore, India, become open innovation players, coming up with original solutions to their environmental challenges? What measures are being put in place to help 600 ambassadors from Kolkata sustainably manage water in underprivileged neighborhoods?

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