SUEZ at the centre of India's drive for water with six new municipal water and wastewater treatment contracts wortha total of €67 millions

Water is at the heart of the concerns of India's central government, which, in 2013, launched its second 5-year plan, called AMRUT, to develop essential infrastructures, including access to water and wastewater treatment. Faced with forecasts of its water consumption doubling by 2050, India has confirmed its determination to treat wastewater and protect its rivers and groundwater, which are the main sources of drinking water for millions of inhabitants.

As urbanisation continues apace and water stress rises, the authorities are calling on the expertise of SUEZ. The Group has won six municipal contracts, worth a total of €67 million, with the Bangalore Water&Sewerage Board (BWSSB) and the Public Health and Engineering Department of the Rajasthani State Government in India.