Resourceful city

Do you know what is a GIS expert? Let’s go to India and meet Sandeep

Sandeep is working in India and he is dealing with the growth of urbanization and a constant increase in resource’s needs. As GIS (Geographic Information System) expert in data management he has to think about tomorrow challenges in respect with the actual needs of Indian population. Let’s discover his missions and vision of the resourceful-city.

How the digital has transformed your work?

In India, SUEZ has been consistently delivering smart and sustainable solution by working closely with the cities and municipalities, transferring global knowledge and technologies ensuring the citizens of India get access to safe drinking water.

Digital has a critical role in transforming the way the water distribution and customers’ services are managed. Digital tools helped us to develop digital geocoded data as well as customer location based services which help us in understanding the customers’ current requirement and anticipate future needs and secondly, to help improve customer services by linking all the data to a centralized digital platform called Real Times Operation Performance System (ROPeS).

Basically I can summarize this way:
1.    Decision making has become faster for new connections and requests.
2.    Rapid solution for all customer problems those related to distribution network
3.    Web based information interlinking and exchange.  
4.    Cost and time effective.

All these digital improvements help us to know better the consumption and to manage more efficiently the resource.

How do you participate to build the city of tomorrow? And to the resource revolution?

My role is basically crucial in supporting the utilities in areas of digital geocoded data which is central to improve the water distribution as well as customer location based services.

Our company’s mission is to lead the resource revolution and help cities grow utilizing minimum resources and offering the residents the best services.

Data plays a very important role in this.  All the data like consumer location, water asset location, leaks, water flow, pressure drops, Water tanker management etc. are produced, reported and analysed on the same platform in real time bases helping the operators to resolve the incidents and provide service quickly. Such system has enabled us to successfully optimise the time involved in handling the operations related to water services on real time bases, monitor distribution system continuously and anticipate incidents in our project areas in New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata

What is your biggest pride in your everyday job/mission?

The fact that we work in area of public service that positively impacts lives of millions of people make me feel very proud.