Women stand up for the environment. Join us!

Every year, our Group recruits 14000 people worldwide for jobs that have a positive impact on the environment. We are looking for engaged women who want to act for the environment, at operational, technical & digital positions.

In India, we have many such women in our company who have been contributing and are the inspiration for other women. Read what some of these have to say about their career, what inspires how they being a woman help their profile, their ambition, etc.

Now, being the head of a project of this size, I need to be engaged with a lot of departments and manage paperwork: client, safety department, subcontractors, foremen, accountants, contracts, procurement, checks, invoices, permits, and blueprints and of course a large workforce who need your direction and advice all the time.

I am proud to be engaged in a project when completed, will benefit 2 million inhabitants of Bengaluru city. I am part of a company that genuinely believes in talent and competency, not gender, and that is quite inspiring.