Economic and Environmental Performance

Today, economic sustainability implies environmental performance. Manufacturers must control their environmental footprint to safeguard their production. As an expert in water and waste cycles and in energy management, SUEZ provides innovative solutions to improve your economic and environmental performance.
Sustainable Growth

Guaranteeing Sustainable Growth and Differentiating

As resources become scarcer and regulations become stricter, manufacturing companies are having to reconcile their economic and environmental performance targets. Today, environmental efficiency provides a real competitive edge in terms of differentiation and sustainable growth.

Improving the economic and environmental performance of your business guarantees you:

  • Increased sales by boosting your company’s image and by providing an appropriate response to the expectations of your end customers
  • Greater productivity by optimising investment and operational costs 
  • Better risk management by safeguarding production: resource management and protection, regulatory compliance, controlled environmental impact.


From initial diagnosis to implementation of appropriate solutions, SUEZ shares its skills and expertise in water, waste and energy management to help companies meet their economic and environmental performance targets.

Evaluating Performance

Evaluating the Performance Of Your Value Chain

As an expert in improving performance, SUEZ has built up a range of multi-disciplinary skills in water, waste, energy, biodiversity, mobility etc. We design and implement innovative improvement plans to optimise productivity by reconciling economic goals and environmental impact. 

Quantifying the performance of your products and services

SUEZ has developed efficient tools based on a lifecycle analysis approach, which enable public and private stakeholders to evaluate the environmental performance of their activity throughout their value chain.
An example of this approach is Waterlily®, a tool to quantify the water footprint of an industrial plant, product or urban water cycle.

Comparing the environmental footprint of different industrial plants or products

Our environmental footprint tools give an overall rating of current performance in terms of applicable regulations, practices and standards. This rating enables us to carry out comparative analysis of different scenarios in order to identify the best practices/adopt an eco-design approach.

Setting targeted performance goals

An initial assessment enables you to identify and set an optimum and realistic environmental target with clear goals, converted into detailed and quantified objectives, and a well-argued stance on these goals.
Industrial Plants

Improving the performance of industrial plants with PerformEE

Perform-EE’s methodology is adapted to the needs and constraints of every customer. It is built on the expertise and multi-disciplinary skills for which SUEZ and its subsidiaries are renowned. Working in close partnership with you, SUEZ analyses the aims and constraints of your company – goals and indicators concerning an individual plant or entire Group, plant-specific constraints, aligning the plant’s objectives with those of the Group.

The PerformEE approach enables you to move forward step by step as you improve your environmental and economic performance, and offers different levels of intervention depending on the maturity of your company:

Identifying opportunities for improvement and defining pragmatic scenarios for achieving targets

In compliance with the company’s internal and regulatory goals and constraints, SUEZ offers feasible, appropriate and innovative solutions:

  • Water: optimising resource consumption, the water and equipment process and wastewater treatment 
  • Waste: sorting and collection, recovery and recycling
  • Energy: improving energy efficiency and using sources of renewable energy 
  • Regulations: anticipating regulatory constraints and identifying risks
  • Biodiversity: controlling environmental impact and working to protect biodiversity.


Based on constant monitoring of environmental regulations and forecasting of emerging issues, SUEZ carries out several simulations to achieve the projected situation: defining actions, assessing impacts, costs and savings etc.

Drawing up an economically quantified action plan

SUEZ helps its customers decide between different scenarios and achieve their performance target:

  • Defining implementation priorities
  • Arbitrating between investment expenses (Capex) and operational costs (Opex),
  • Choosing actions according to their impact on costs/reducing environmental footprint
  • Positioning investments and smart management over time.

Promoting your project to your partners

SUEZ helps companies build constructive dialogue between their production plant and:

  • The Group’s General Management to promote the company’s CSR policy
  • The region and local stakeholders to create synergies between their aims and regional policies (Agenda 21, Water Development and Management Plan, Regional Climate and Energy Plan etc.)

Entrusting a renowned operator to implement your action plan

SUEZ offers companies its operational experience in water, waste and energy systems, and provides innovative solutions that are the result of cutting-edge R&D carried out by 400 experts and researchers worldwide, with an annual budget of 74 million Euros.

Obtaining certifications and standards to promote your environmental policies

SUEZ helps its customers apply for certifications and standards: CDP, GRI, ISO 26000.

Rolling out your drive for excellence across all your facilities

With a view to improving internal analysis, capitalising on best practices and defining improvement plans.
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