Industrial Site Reconversion

SUEZ makes a diagnosis before setting up any project to reconvert an industrial site. After the preliminary phase, work to deconstruct the site at the end of its life can begin. We control the elimination of pollution and optimise recovery at the least cost.

Defining a Preparatory Strategy to Control Costs and Deadlines

Suez identifies the best strategy for deconstruction and decontamination based on the intended future purpose of the site, whether it be for industrial or public use. This is a vital phase in any successful reconversion project.

  • Define the strategy: needs analysis, site reconversion options, resource management optimisation strategy, site transformation action plan, real estate transfer strategy
  • Prepare the site: ensure activities on site and in the surrounding area are safe, interface management plan, establish site access, schedule disconnection of water and power supplies, understand all relevant regulations
  • Carry out technical diagnosis: structural analysis, asbestos, waste, lead and soil testing
  • Design and engineer the deconstruction process: site organisation and project scheduling, asbestos removal engineering, deconstruction engineering, civil engineering, decontamination engineering, selection of asbestos removal and decontamination processes
  • Ensure project management: regulatory and administrative management: monitoring, authorisations (reconversion authorisations and licences), define operational methods, analyse and manage the work’s impact on the site environment, stakeholder involvement, information/communication during the work phase

Conduct Deconstruction

After the preliminary phase, end-of-site deconstruction work can begin. SUEZ ensures that pollution is removed and optimises recovery at the best price:

  • Prepare for deconstruction
  • Carry out the necessary work: cleaning and industrial decontamination, asbestos removal and storage, factory dismantling, deconstruction design & engineering, deconstruction management & optimisation
  • Manage waste: hazardous waste logistics management, sorting, collection and treatment of non-hazardous waste, clean transport
  • Improving operational efficiency: stakeholder involvement, digital tracing of waste streams, reverse logistics
  • Maximise asset value: metal recycling, glass recycling, sale of secondary raw materials

Preparing Site Renewal and Recovering Assets

The decontamination phase is an essential part of industrial site reconversion. SUEZ guarantees total decontamination of the site to prepare its future use.

  • Conduct decontamination analysis
  • Decontaminate soil: on-site treatment, in situ treatment, off-site treatment
  • Ensure PCB decontamination
  • Ensure UXO clearance
  • Decontaminate water tables: water table decontamination by treating wells
  • Recover waste and soil: hazardous waste recovery, decontaminated soil recovery, energy reuse
  • Ensure stakeholders are involved
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