Only 2% of plastic packaging consumed worldwide every year incorporates any recycled plastic content. At SUEZ, we have the technology and know-how to produce recycled plastic, of a quality equivalent to that of virgin plastic, made from plastic bottles collected from consumers.
The issues

A major economic and environmental issue

Over the last 75 years, our societies have produced more than 8 billion tonnes of plastics on a worldwide scale, equivalent to the weight of 822,000 Eiffel Towers. 6.3 billion tonnes of this material has gone to waste, only 9% has been recycled.


Over the last 50 years, the use of plastic has increased twenty-fold, and some consumer products now contain more than 50 different plastic resins.


Producing 1 tonne of recycled plastic saves 5 barrels of petroleum and the equivalent of 1.6 tonnes of CO2.


Increasing the share of recycled materials in your plastic packaging is a major target that will help to protect the environment and the oceans, while also improving your energy and environmental performances.

the share of packaging made from recycled plastic consumed every year worldwide

Source: Ellen MacArthur's Fondation

80 to 90
the energy savings made by producing recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic made from oil
Our solutions

To offer recycled plastic of a quality equivalent to that of virgin plastic

We have a strong command of all the techniques used to recycle plastics from bottles, flasks, plastic film, technical industrial plastics, etc., inluding the most complex techniques, such as the production of food-grade recycled plastics. Our solutions cover the complete value chain, producing a secondary raw material of the very highest standard.


Collecting and sorting: the waste is collected in specially adapted containers, then carefully sorted using advanced technologies (near-infrared optical sorting to separate plastic materials from one another and by colour too) to be recovered as top-quality recycled raw materials.


Recovery: advanced separation techniques (optical sorting, laser sorting, electrostatic sorting, hot washing, crushing, micronisation and granulation-filtration) are used to give new life to the waste as products (pellets, flakes and powder) that can be used directly in your production processes.

To co-produce “made-to-measure” recycled plastics with you

SUEZ set up the unique Plast’lab® laboratory, based on the development of a number of partnerships within the plastic processing industry in order to meet precise specifications. Plast’lab® analyses, characterises and tests recycled plastics in order to formulate new ranges of quality plastics ensuring they meet your requirements (impact resistance, flexural modulus, rheology, heat resistance, etc.) and to anticipate the needs of the future.

Comment recycler plus de plastique ? - SUEZ

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Video: Plast’lab®: How to recycle more plastic?
Our range of plastics
The packaging materials and waste plastics are sorted at source to be transformed into new materials that meet your needs. Discover the different types of very high-quality plastics that we can provide you.




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A trusted partner

We already work with many industrial manufacturers that are keen to identify new possibilities within this new “plastic economy”.
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