Industrial cleaning and maintenance

To guarantee the continuity of your production, SUEZ works directly on industrial sites to maintain facilities and equipment. Your priorities are also ours: safe, efficient operations.
Our expertise

Maintenance of your industrial sites

SUEZ offers industrial customers maintenance and cleaning solutions to maintain equipment and facilities. Work is carried out either continuously or during shutdowns. SUEZ manages both cleaning operations at facilities and the removal and treatment of hazardous waste.

Ensure industrial facilities operate correctly

SUEZ has cutting-edge expertise and specialised, high-performance equipment to carry out operations such as:

  • Diagnostic and video inspection of networks
  • Work on industrial sites during technical shutdowns
  • High pressure and very high pressure cleaning
  • Hydroblasting, cryogenic cleaning
  • Suction of powder products
  • Mechanical maintenance for valves and accessories - heating plant
  • Pumping and emptying (vessels, tanks, sumps, oil separator, washing bays, etc.
  • Installation and replacement of oil separators
  • Cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers and atmospheric cooling towers
  • Degassing and cutting up tanks
  • Retesting of vessels


SUEZ holds several certifications in industrial maintenance: ISO 9001, MASE, GEHSA and QUALITASS.
We also remove and transport liquid waste such as sludge and washing sand, greases, products containing hydrocarbons and other hazardous industrial waste. They are then treated at our specialised centres.

Oil industries and nuclear maintenance

We work on all types of site and have specialists in the nuclear and oil industries.

Oil networks and plants, industrial sites and hydrocarbon tanks require regular maintenance. SUEZ offers operations with specialised equipment, specially trained personnel and guaranteed compliance with the current regulatory recommendations.

Thanks to our technological resources, innovative equipment and specially trained personnel, SUEZ offers a global service for nuclear engineering and maintenance, and is one of the major world references in this area of activity.

Services and solutions
From waste collection to removal, from servicing to compliance with regulations: whatever your industrial sector may be, we offer our customers maintenance solutions for equipment and infrastructures to ensure their industrial sites operate correctly.

Cleaning steam generators in nuclear power plants

Our nuclear engineering and maintenance experts have completed over 3,600 lancing operations on over 350 different steam generators around the world. SUEZ is therefore a major reference in this field. Our teams clean the tube sheets in square and triangular pitch steam generators used in nuclear power plants using two types of lancing, depending on the hardness of the magnetite deposits:

  • “Soft sludge” is removed by conventional lancing, reaching a pressure of 300 bars.
  • “Hard sludge” is removed by high-performance lancing, reaching a pressure of 590 bars.
  • All the lancing equipment is adapted to radiation protection constraints and all types of containments, and complies with the ALARA principles.

The combination of high pressure industrial technology and video equipment allows highly precise work on industrial facilities.

Video inspections and recovery of foreign bodies

SUEZ technology allows the detection and removal of foreign bodies in the various circuits, piping, tubes and capacities. Operations are carried out on the steam generators, fuel, reactors and pressurizers.

SUEZ offers two areas of intervention:

  • Video inspection and expertise in hostile environments: using mobile video equipment, our experts carry out a full inspection of the plant and can thus provide diagnostics.
  • Removal of foreign bodies by remote-operated systems: to guarantee nuclear safety, our experts work in the system using RCV-mounted pliers, pumps and vacuum cleaners for autonomous exploration.

Pressurizer decontamination

Our technology enables us to work and decontaminate the thermal sleeve, allowing radiography of the welds at the bottom of the pressuriser.
Two types of operation are performed, depending on the types of pressurizers:

  • For the PZR of CPY 900 MW plants, our experts use the effluent recovery circuit via the RCP004MT finger tap which is removed upstream.
  • For the pressurisers of other plants, as the RCP004MT finger tap cannot be removed safely, our experts use the effluent recovery circuit via the reactor vessel.

Collection and removal of petroleum products and other hazardous waste

The collection and removal of petroleum products and other hazardous waste requires technical operations. We provide accredited personnel and specialised vehicles to carry out the necessary work and guarantee the traceability of the operations.

  • Cleaning tanks manually or by mechanised means (crude oil, heavy fuel oil, domestic fuel oil, petrol, kerosene, aromatics-rich petrol, solvents, bitumen, slop, etc.)
  • Pumping and transfer of all types of product containing hydrocarbons, bulk or packed hazardous industrial waste, (polluting, toxic, inflammable, corrosive waste) to approved treatment centres
  • Emergency operations in case of accidental pollution
  • From removal at the production site to delivery at the treatment centre, or recovery if possible
  • Guarantee in the form of Preliminary Acceptance Certificates (CAP) and waste tracking documents (WTD) which are kept

Servicing and ensuring compliance with regulations for oil tanks

Maintenance and compliance of oil storage tanks are essential to guarantee the safety of humans and protection of the environment. We carry out different types of work on industrial sites to improve safety, including maintenance of tanks and compliance of underground double-wall tanks:

  • Cleaning, degassing and neutralisation of tanks in accordance with the regulations and safety (certificate providing all the necessary guarantees for safety before any work using naked flames)
  • Cutting and removal of tanks
  • Inspection of tanks to check for leaks using acoustic or hydraulic methods
  • Inspection and verification of leak detection systems on double-wall tanks
  • Transformation of single-wall tanks to double-wall (resin, bladder)
  • Response to the regulatory obligations to the decree of 18 April 2008
  • Two possible procedures: resin double-wall or the flexible inner tank know as a “bladder”
  • Quick, economical operation without any heavy civil engineering work on the facilities
  • No depollution work required when removing the existing tank
  • Coatings compatible with new fuels
  • Procedures guaranteed for at least 5 years with possible extension to 10 years

Cleaning and inspection of condensers, circuits and auxiliary appliances

As part of scheduled shutdowns, SUEZ offers a full range of hydrodynamic cleaning services for circuits and auxiliary appliances on all circuits. We offer bespoke solutions:

Using pressurised water

  • High-pressure equipment and a diverse range of tools
  • Optimum cleaning of supply and cooling circuits using high-pressure hydrodynamic equipment adapted to each context: rotating heads, high-pressure equipment up to 4000 bars, etc.

Using robotics

  • Robotic tools and processes such as radiography
  • Improvement of staff working conditions and quality of service

Intervention during crucial operations for nuclear power plants

  • Pumping and dredging before cooling: pumping station, atmospheric cooling tower, piping, supply channels
  • Descaling and cleaning of condenser cooling pipes
  • Limiting drops in production often linked to scale formation in the condenser
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