Digital technology for resource & asset protection

Digital technology provides astounding possibilities for meeting the environmental challenges & asset protection the industries face. SUEZ constantly innovates to support our customers and boost the performance of their facilities, by optimizing water plant management in real time and continuously monitoring water quality. Here we focus on a few of our digital solutions.
Asset Performance Management

Leveraging data and analytics to maximize productivity and profitability

InSight is a Next-Generation Asset Performance Management platform that uses data and analytics to ensure your assets operate at optimal levels of reliability, efficiency and output. This integrated approach enables you to maximize productivity and profitability at the plant level or across your entire enterprise.


Successful businesses must master data at speed and scale. InSight’s cloud-based IIOT architecture leverages both the latest technologies and our proven expertise to drive continuous improvement that adapts with your business. InSight’s unparalleled visibility gives you the flexibility to gain actionable intelligence and proactively intervene on both an individual site basis and across the enterprise.

Water Quality Monitoring

Analytical instruments to ensure regulatory compliance

By using SUEZ’s analytical instruments, industries can measure total organic carbon (TOC) in their water to ensure regulatory compliance, optimize processes, and control quality. Simple, fast, accurate monitoring helps you monitor water quality for pharmaceutical, microelectronics, power, industrial process, chemical, food and beverage, environmental, and wastewater.
Water treatment assets

Improving operations of water treatment assets

OnBoard® is a comprehensive service program tailored to address the overall performance of water treatment assets such as an SRU or Low Salinity System by leveraging digital tools, operator training, equipment technology, chemicals, and offshore service support
Chemical Monitoring Systems

Maximazing asset performance and business productivity 

Our real-time chemical monitoring systems allow you to optimize chemical consumption and productivity while meeting regulations essential to efficient plant operations. 
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