Chemicals services for water treatment

SUEZ offers industrial customers a combination of expertise and comprehensive solutions that cover the entire water cycle. Our solutions include treatment products, equipment and services that are perfectly adapted to the protection and safety of industrial facilities.

Optimise water use and ensure the sustainability of industrial installations

aqualead® water conditioning services – SUEZ

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Aqualead® water conditioning services

SUEZ's processing services operate throughout the entire industrial water cycle, including the treatment of make-up water, utilities (cooling and boiler systems), and the treatment of industrial effluents. End-to-end support to effectively manage the water circuit and ensure the sustainability of industrial plants.

Technical Centre

Our Technical Centre is home to our research and development activities and in-house laboratory. It notably ensures the development of new technologies and products, chemical and microbiological analyses and studies, and advice and recommendations for industrial customers. 

Sales Department

We have a network of sales technicians and engineers throughout the country ensuring the daily monitoring of your facilities through analyses, products and water consumption reports. This network ensures local monitoring to guarantee the effectiveness of the solutions implemented. 

Training Centre

In order to transfer expertise and support you in your self-sufficiency strategy, SUEZ offers a tailored training service with basic to advanced courses. This training allows you to gradually reduce service costs related to water treatment. 

Protect your industrial facilities

We offer a wide range of chemicals to safeguard and protect your facilities while meeting all health, regulatory and environmental requirements. 

Treatment solutions for boilers, cooling systems and process water

SUEZ's expertise guarantees control over the quality of feed and make-up water for low and medium-pressure boilers, steam circuits and cooling processes. These treatment solutions notably protect your systems against corrosion, scaling, fouling and risks of contamination. 

Wastewater treatment

We provide solutions for the mechanical thickening and dewatering of sludge, as well as other solid/liquid separation processes for the clarification of wastewater.
Equipment and systems

Optimise your industrial facilities

SUEZ offers a complete range of equipment that allows the use of water conditioning products and chemicals in the most complex installations with a view to optimising the quality, productivity and performance of your industrial facilities. 

Specific equipment

We have developed specific equipment dedicated to the use of our products, including controllers for anti-corrosion treatment or scale prevention in cooling systems, and specially designed storage solutions for the optimal safety of your facilities.

Tailored pretreatment equipment

Following a comprehensive assessment of your needs and analyses of the water to be treated, our Engineering Department can offer you tailored solutions based on accurate measurements. Reverse osmosis, filtration, softening or skid equipment... Our installations are designed and built to guarantee their efficiency and service life while requiring minimum maintenance.

Injection, dosing and regulation equipment

Together with the provision of our industrial water treatment products, we also offer a range of equipment and systems that optimise their implementation, for injection as well as regulation. These include metering pumps, water meters, dosing tanks, brominators, blow-down controllers and on-line analysers.
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