Ecoflow off-site industrial effluent treatment service

Ecoflow is an off-site industrial effluent treatment service. It is a customised offer which can be adapted to your production needs and provides the possibility of benefiting from the treatment quality of a wastewater treatment plant without any need to invest.

Reliable off-site wastewater treatment service for the specific needs of industry

Ecoflow is a service designed for the specific needs of industry, based on a third-party effluent treatment.
It is a service adapted to manufacturers or industrial businesses which have to cope with effluent that often cannot be discharged into the natural environment, because it contains organic matter or suspended solids. This effluent is therefore taken by an approved carrier from the production site to the wastewater treatment plants. Acceptance of the effluent for treatment is subject to regulatory analyses and compliance tests.


The process is as follows:

  1. Approximate determination of the composition and origin of the effluent to direct it to an organic procedure
  2. Regulatory analyses on a sample of effluent. If accepted, allocation of a Preliminary Acceptance Certificate
  3. By request, transport of the effluent from your production site to the final wastewater plant either by your own approved transport system or by an approved carrier recommended by SUEZ
  4. Each delivery is checked to ensure the effluent complies with the sample from the acceptance procedure. If the effluent is similar, treatment is carried out

Get plant quality treatment without investment in costly fixed assets

The Ecoflow service can be quickly deployed at your site without any major changes to your process, organisation and without any need to invest in costly fixed assets.
For example, it makes it possible to outsource the treatment of an occasional increased in effluent loading. The service is available 52 weeks a year, which guarantees uninterrupted production even in case of emergency.

Quick to set up, the service gives you access to a network of authorized wastewater plants around the country. The support of an expert ensures the proposed solutions are suitable for the characteristics of your effluent. The wastewater treatment device is complying with environmental standards, and health, safety, quality and environmental (HSQE) requirements.

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