Water supply management

The water used to supply industrial processes and utilities represents the largest water-related expenditure at an industrial site. Diversifying water resources while securing reliable water supplies contributes to reducing the water footprint of industrial activities.
Secure catchments

Ensure the water supply is reliable in terms of quality and quantity

Groundwater sources can be tapped by various methods such as shafts, boreholes, drainage tunnels, springs etc. These catchments enable many industrial sites to reduce their dependency on external water supplies.
We deliver consulting services and curative operations to build or maintain water catchments:

Technical and regulatory design for borehole drilling
We carry out feasibility studies (estimation of available volume of resource, technical specifications for borehole) and manage the drilling project declarations.
Smart catchment management
Instrumentation and monitoring, Indicator measurement, Data analysis, Additional diagnostic
Regeneration of boreholes
Mechanical, chemical or biological blockages are possible causes of borehole malfunction. We deliver solutions using mechanical or chemical treatments.
Prevention of drainage areas
Catchments can be exposed to occasional or widespread pollution. We deliver decision-aid tools used to diagnose and model the pollution sources and provide assistance in deploying a master quality plan to monitor the quality of the water table.
Use seawater

Desalinate seawater to generate a new water supply

Delivering fresh water to locations with no natural access to it is an ongoing challenge for certain industrial site operators who must ensure continuity of production. Optimising the quality of water produced and its production costs while minimising the impacts of its use on the environment remain a major environmental and economic issue for industrial operators.
To these operators we offer our know-how in desalination technology, by supplying custom-made units, Seapro modular plants or mobile units for temporary needs.
Our expertise in pre-treatment processes, reverse osmosis and remineralisation, along with our capacity to deploy energy recovery systems to reduce energy consumption ensure that we supply optimised, custom-designed desalination units.
Our Seapro modular plants comprise elements of the Dégremont range and enable: 
water catchment, pre-treatment by rapid flotation and ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis process, re-mineralisation phase
Our mobile desalination unit (truck) leasing services ensure the quality and quantity of water required without capital investment. Equipped with reverse osmosis or ion exchange plants, these mobile units ensure the continuity of production in emergency situations or for temporary needs.
Water treatment

Adapt treatments to water usage

Controlling the quality of water in processes is a source of value generation for industries. Intended for product manufacture or equipment operation, water requires different quality levels depending on its use.

clarifier of an industrial water treatment plant

We assist industrial operators in diversifying and optimising their water resources, whether for treatment, supply or reuse:

Comply with health regulations and restrictions

The technical combinations we design and build enable you to specify and control precise quality criteria for the water you integrate into your products:  
  • Suspended particulates
  • Metals
  • Micro-organisms
  • Mineral compounds
  • Organic polluting agents

Maintain system water quality and manage suspended particulates

Our membranes along with conditioning products and services ensure that your cooling systems operate correctly through the continuous control of:
  • The quality of make-up water
  • Scale formation
  • Corrosion  
  • Microbiology (including legionella in open recirculating systems
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