Our strategy is to offer an integrative approach that delivers value along the entire production cycle with a holistic vision and continued commitment to operational excellence.

Frederic Quero-SUEZ Chemical & Pharma Global Market Director

Your challenges

Managing resources while staying competitive and reducing the environmental impact

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is global, innovative and complex; and faces specific environmental challenges in each of its segments. Basic and special chemicals, are widely represented in our daily lives: thousands of substances known for their performance, are used by other industries and integrated into consumer products.


For decades, chemical and pharmaceutical industries have been involved in reducing their environmental footprint. This is a major concern, knowing they are among the most important consumers of water, raw materials and energy. Meanwhile, resources everywhere on the planet are becoming scarcer, leading to price instability.


Strategies for managing natural resources (reduction of water consumption, energy from waste, waste recovery to be used as secondary raw materials) are thus essential to: preserve competitiveness and the environment; limit the risks of pollution; comply with regulatory standards.

This is the anticipated date for the depletion of tin resources
Water requirements will exceed available resources by 40% in 2030.
This is the percentage of reduction of GHG (greenhouse gas) required by 2050 to limit the 2 ° C rise in temperature in 2100
Our solutions

We accompany you at all stages of the management of your resources

Based on an integrated and collaborative approach, applied throughout the product lifecycle, we combine strategic advice and performance commitments, both environmentally and economically.


From the design to the operation, we optimize the management of your industrial installations: water, recycling and waste recovery, energy ... Our solutions are extremely flexible because they range from the simple supply of equipment to a totally integrated solution.

Bamboo grove

Towards a water neutral plant

Our expertise and technologies allow you to reduce your water footprint, provide the right water at the right time and discharge safe water to the environment.
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Waste as a territorial stream and resource

We offer solutions to turn waste into new resources, engage in ecosystemic closed loop (eco-conception, product lifecycle analysis...) and mitigate risks.
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Laboratory healthcare

Towards carbon neutral & positive energy plant

We can help you reduce your CO2 footprint, produce green energy and become an energy provider.
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Nanotechnology molecular structure

Involve your stakeholders

We deliver solutions to leverage your stakeholders' concerns, prove your engagement in sustainability and unlock the intelligence of your data.
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Our references

High quality water treatment for Sanofi - SUEZ

Credit: SUEZ group

Sanofi biochemical plant, Saint-Aubin-les-Elbeuf in France

In the Sanofi biochemical plant, SUEZ improves the quality and the capacity of the wastewater treatment.

SUEZ extends the wastewater treatment plant.
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