Towards carbon neutral & positive energy plant

SUEZ delivers solutions to reduce fossil fuel consumption, produce green energy, access to competitive energy, reveal the power of waste and become an energy provider.

Reduce CO2 footprint / Produce green energy

  • High environmental quality certification
  • Incinerator construction engineering and operation
  • CO2 capturing to produce biom├ęthane / Energy master plan efficiency
  • Carbon credits
  • Energy efficiency
  • Electrical curtailment
  • Unavoidable energy recovery
  • Energy savings on WWTP / Biogas production through CO2 capturing

Reveal the power of waste

  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Solid recovery fuel (SRF) / Refuse Derive Fuel (RDF) supply
  • Energy from biowaste
  • Incineration asset sharing
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Energy from sewers
  • Steam supply
  • Hazardous waste secondary fuel supply to cement kilns
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