SUEZ helps businesses in the construction sector recover large amounts of waste generated by their activities, creating value from waste and protecting the environment. SUEZ guarantees operational efficiency through safe work sites and compliance with deadlines, costs and regulatory constraints.
Your challenges

Managing large volumes of waste generated by construction activities

The construction sector produces a considerable amount of waste. Sorting and recovering building waste has become a major challenge for all industry players.

In a demanding profession operating in an environment with increasingly complex regulations, building sector stakeholders must comply with regulations which are shifting towards increased waste recovery. They must reconcile building site safety in a hazardous environment with meeting deadlines, costs and site specifications. All construction activities are now rooted in a sustainable development approach and a lower environmental footprint.

Companies in the construction sector seek to balance multiple issues:

  • Developing their customers’ trust by increased responsiveness, regulatory compliance and waste recovery expertise
  • Work sites safety, in particular with regard to shifts, residents, waste assessment and the environment
  • Securing contracts by meeting deadlines, costs, specifications, standards and achieving conclusive results
  • Demonstrating their exemplary approach with a low environmental footprint, a positive image to customers and their role as a responsible employer
tonnes of waste are produced every year in France by the building and public works sector.
of building waste (by weight) must be re-used, recycled or recovered by 2020 according to the European Framework Directive of 2008.
30 to 40
This is the cost reduction made possible by sorting waste on-site.
Our solutions

Optimising building waste management for better recovery

SUEZ provides support from the preparation phase and throughout the lifespan of your building site. SUEZ guarantees simple, secure waste management and optimised recovery with modular solutions adapted to each type of building site.
SUEZ operates on all types of building site: new-builds, refurbishment/renovation, demolition/deconstruction, public works and decontamination.
Construction site

Maximize waste recovery

We offer solutions to building professionals throughout the different building phases to support and optimise building waste management and recovery (demolition debris, asbestos, wood, windows and joinery, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plaster…)
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Attain regulatory and environmental targets

We offer our expertise and technologies to help you reduce your environmental footprint: from green site audit to waste-related CO2 emissions control.
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Supporting you throughout the entire value chain

From resource management consulting to after-sales services, we bring you our expertise to carry out your projects
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