Maximize waste recovery

We offer solutions to building professionals throughout the different building phases to support and optimise building waste management and recovery (demolition debris, asbestos, wood, windows and joinery, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plaster…)

Increase proportions of recovered waste by managing building waste throughout construction work

We provide our expertise to building professionals throughout the different building phases (earth moving, building shell, finishing work, delivery) to support and optimise building waste management and recovery in accordance with the regulations.

  • Site audits, diagnostics and advice
  • Dedicated contact
  • 24/48 hour deadlines
  • Management and coordination
  • Controlled logistics and recovery services
  • Sorting organisation
  • Administrative and regulatory management (hazardous waste)
  • Recovery of secondary raw materials
  • Training
  • Reporting
  • Review

Demolition debris recovery: from building site waste to building site materials

We transform building site debris into road building materials. After transformation, recycled mineral materials are used in the public works sector as backfill, and for road work as an alternative to natural materials.

  • Types of waste treated: demolition debris or bricks, reinforced or non-reinforced concrete (slabs, posts, etc.), inert debris from buildings and civil engineering structure demolition, road renovation materials
  • Resources and organisation adapted to your constraints: skips of suitable capacity, reactive removal and collection, constant adaptation to building site volumes and phases
  • Safe working conditions: equipment in good condition, workers trained in safety protocols
  • Compliant solutions: guaranteed traceability and regulatory compliance
  • Collection of demolition debris sorted at source on site
  • Transport to sorting and preparation platforms
  • Pre-sorting for separation into plaster, wood and metal
  • Screening and transformation into recycled gravel
  • Recycled materials used to replace technical road building materials

Abestos recovery

We are involved in every step of the asbestos treatment process.

  • Asbestos removal: particularly during deconstruction work
  • Collection of asbestos waste, asbestos-containing earth and milling dust in accordance with regulations
  • Disposal of “free” asbestos waste or asbestos “bound” to a non-inert support in hazardous waste storage facilities only
  • Logistics monitoring and traceability

Wood recovery

We control the entire wood pallet processing channel: collection, transportation, sorting, repair, recycling, re-use and sale.

  • Types of waste treated: scrap wood, packaging (spacers) from public works, either unpainted, unvarnished and untreated, or that may contain painted or varnished wood, small metal parts, soiled or treated wood, or hazardous substances
  • Optimised sorting, whatever the type of wood
  • Only wood sorted at source that does not contain adhesive or chemical products is recovered
  • Flexible collection logistics to suit your regular or occasional needs
  • Re-use: after checking their condition, pallets are repaired and re-used
  • Material recovery: transformation into new products (partitions, furnishing panels, building structures)
  • Waste to energy to supply individual or community heating plants
  • Organic recovery: transformation into bark, woodchips or sawdust for soil improvement

Recovering windows and joinery

In partnership with industry, we collect and dismantle end-of-life windows and joinery and recover the wood, aluminium and PVC. Waste is produced by public works, joinery, industry, craftsmen and private individuals.

  • Direct collection at production sites with networks of suitable hauliers and professional civic amenity centres
  • Types of waste treated: end-of-life products, manufacturing offcuts and scrap, wood, PVC and aluminium windows and joinery
  • Production of high-quality recycled materials
  • Material recovery: transformation into new recycled raw materials, sale of materials to industry to make new products
  • Waste to energy: transformation into solid recovered fuels (SRF) to produce renewable energy
  • Non-recoverable waste, particularly soiled waste: transported to an environmentally-friendly treatment channel

Recovering ferrous and non-ferrous metals

We provide solutions to recycle metals indefinitely. We operate right from the collection stage with recovery containers and collection logistics adapted to each customer.

  • Types of waste treated: scrap or demolition steel and cast iron, railway materials, metal frames, cables from demolition sites
  • Supply of recovery containers: open or closed skips, containers, presses
  • Circular economy: recycled metals replacing virgin materials
  • Transformation of metal waste into chips, bales, briquettes and shot
  • Supplies of recycled ferrous and non-ferrous metals and recycled cables to steelworks, refineries and foundries
  • Costs transformed into a source of value

Recovering plastics to produce high-quality recycled plastic

We are experts in the collection, treatment and re-use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waste. PVC waste is purchased and collected directly from industries and transformed into new products.

  • Types of waste treated: offcuts and cut sections, heavy, rigid plastic, lightweight, flexible plastics
  • Only plastics that do not contain hazardous products are recovered
  • Transformation of products that can be used directly using three techniques (grinding, micronisation and granulation)
  • Sale of recycled raw materials
  • Production of recovered solid fuel (RSF)
  • Plastics collection logistics: bulk or packed
  • Range of containers adapted to your site (containers, skips, bags, compactors)
  • Local network for efficient plastics sorting
  • Traceability guaranteed throughout the process

Plaster recovery

We recover your plaster waste sorted at source. With our technical and industrial expertise we are a key partner for manufacturers in the sector.

  • Types of waste treated: standard plasterboard, ceiling panels, tiles, honeycomb partitions, water resistant (green), fireproof (red) and heavy-duty (yellow) plasterboard
  • Specific containers: compact closed skips (recoverable plaster) and open skips (residual plaster) close to waste sites
  • Professional waste management facilities equipped to accept plaster waste located throughout France
  • Safety and traceability for your flows throughout the process
  • Complete recovery cycle: the plaster is ground and reinjected into the new plasterboard industrial production cycle
  • Non-recoverable plaster waste: sent to environmentally-friendly treatment channels

Hazardous waste recovery

We provide specific collection and treatment solutions with compliant, safe management of hazardous waste, and specific resources. We guarantee the recovery and treatment of this type of waste in line with regulations:

  • Types of waste treated: paint pots, aerosols, batteries, neons, chemical products, asbestos, hydrocarbons
  • Range of approved containers adapted for storing hazardous materials
  • Advanced support for compliance with complex regulations
  • Full waste traceability right up to disposal
  • Waste to energy: high-temperature incineration
  • Distillation to transform used solvents into unaltered finished products
  • Manufacture of substitution petroleum products by pretreating oils, anti-freeze, glycols and soiled hydrocarbons (regeneration)
  • Protection for your employees and your environment
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