From the decision to dismantle an industrial site through to its transformation into rehabilitated land or a new business site, resource management is central to the profitability of any reconversion project. The intended future use of the site dictates the deconstruction and decontamination process. SUEZ provides a reconversion strategy based on comprehensive needs analysis as part of a holistic vision to maximise asset value whilst protecting health, safety and the environment.
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Optimising recovery of end-of-life industrial sites

With rising pressure on real estate in urban areas and increased regulations, an accurate assessment of the value of an end-of-life industrial site is increasingly important.

Transforming their sites into a new ecosystem is a real challenge for industrial stakeholders who must comply with regulatory requirements, particularly environmental, and maximise recovery of their assets.

Health, safety and environmental protection are priorities when managing deconstruction and decontamination work to reconvert sites. The deconstruction and decontamination strategy is determined by the intended future use of an end-of-life industrial site. Anticipating the future of the site and ensuring the entire process is carefully managed is therefore crucial.
of European steel production is from recycling.
of the steel in a new car is recycled.
50 to 80
is the rate set by regulations for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
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Deconstructing and depolluting sites for reconversion

After a thorough diagnosis phase, SUEZ deconstructs and decontaminates end-of-life industrial sites in preparation for their reconversion. To ensure operational efficiency, SUEZ considers the site within its ecosystem and analyses its future to conduct an appropriate deconstruction and decontamination process. The aim is to achieve optimum levels of recovery and reuse. From treating contaminated soil to waste treatment, SUEZ maximises recycling and recovery of large volumes to re-use as much of the resource as possible safely and without harming the environment.
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Control pollution and reduce environmental impact

Our solutions allow you to ensure safe decontamination through industrial cleaning, manage and dispose of complex and hazardous waste, decontaminate soil and water tables and ensure safe reuse of soil decontamination in situ.
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Maximize the value of end-of-life assets

We offer solutions to recycle metal and glass, produce secondary raw materials, recover polluted soils and hazardous waste, and transform waste into alternative fuels.
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Improve your site operational efficiency

We implement digital waste tracking systems to help you monitor waste in real time. We also optimise logistics by grouping materials delivery and waste collection.
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