Control pollution and reduce environmental impact

Our solutions allow you to ensure safe decontamination through industrial cleaning, manage and dispose of complex and hazardous waste, decontaminate soil and water tables and ensure safe reuse of soil decontamination in situ.

Fully control site deconstruction and transformation

We help you optimise management of deconstruction and decontamination work:

  • Fit the deconstruction project in to a global strategy
  • Ensure total safety and legal compliance of the work site
  • Prepare work sites with a thorough understanding of the challenges posed by the site: definition of a strategy, site preparation, technical diagnosis
  • Manage and optimise activities: site organisation, legal and administrative management, project management
  • Analyse and manage the work’s impact on the site’s environment

Ensure safe decontamination through industrial cleaning

Our sophisticated non-intrusive cleaning methods limit risks to health, safety and the environment.

Manage and dispose of complex waste

We offer hazardous waste a second life by recovering the secondary raw materials and energy produced by treating this waste:

  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Preserve and optimise resources
  • Enhance the value of your brand by committing to the circular economy
  • Guarantee safety and legal compliance
  • Recover chemical and mineral products, solvents, salt, metals, glass, etc.

Manage hazardous waste

We provide logistics for treating hazardous waste as part of deconstruction and decontamination operations:

  • Safeguard operations through our logistics system
  • Guarantee human safety and risk prevention
  • Reduce environmental impact by optimising sorting, storage and transportation of hazardous waste
  • Benefit from waste traceability at the best price
  • Choose a solution adapted to each type of waste

Use cleaner multi-modal means of transport

We promote alternatives to road transport, particularly for waste collection: river or rail transport and electric vehicles:

  • Optimise your logistics efficiency (1 vessel = 16 lorries)
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Benefit from a monitoring system covering the entire logistics chain
  • Reduce the risk of accident

Ensure safe reuse of soil decontaminated in situ

We use appropriate treatment technologies to decontaminate polluted soils based on comprehensive analyses and tests:

  • Assess and manage risks in line with regulatory restrictions
  • Clean up the environment
  • Transform end-of-life assets into a remediated ecosystem
  • Benefit from a full range of services and technologies to decontaminate soil and restore water tables

Decontaminate soils using a dedicated treatment platform

We decontaminate soil from sites on a dedicated treatment platform:

  • Reduce time and space restrictions by outsourcing treatment of polluted soil
  • Optimise soil recovery using appropriate treatment processes
  • Benefit from waste traceability throughout the process
  • Outsource treatment and recovery to dedicated polluted soil platforms such as NEOTER®

Decontaminate water tables

We treat contaminated water tables to ensure complete site decontamination:

  • Benefit from the most suitable and economical techniques with a wide range of treatment solutions for polluted water tables
  • Ensure environmental recovery and ecological restoration
  • Use the decontaminated water table to restore water supplies to the natural environment or for industrial use
  • Improve well performance for water table decontamination
  • Maintain constant, ecologically sustainable water quality

Ensure UXO clearance

We ensure safe remediation of soil polluted with explosive materials:

  • Decontaminate soil containing explosive objects or materials in urban areas or on military sites
  • Remediate soil and prepare the site for future use
  • Benefit from guaranteed safety, expertise and legal compliance
  • Benefit from a comprehensive solution that covers explosive diagnosis, sorting, incineration, on-site munitions disposal and mine clearance

Decontaminate PCB

We offer solutions enabling you to comply with the Stockholm Convention adopted by EU legislation concerning the elimination of PCB by 2025.

  • Ensure safe recycling and disposal of transformers contaminated with PCB
  • Remove a potential environmental pollutant with a safe recovery process for equipment contaminated with PCB
  • Control disposal of your end-of-life transformers in strict compliance with legislation
  • Benefit from a comprehensive service from equipment collection to recovery
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