Maximize the value of end-of-life assets

We offer solutions to recycle metal and glass, produce secondary raw materials, recover polluted soils and hazardous waste, and transform waste into alternative fuels.

Achieve safe, compliant deconstruction

We ensure safety, compliance and environmental restoration at our deconstruction and decontamination sites:

  • Plan environmental and sanitary restoration
  • Recover materials
  • Recycle complex products
  • Use safe, controlled processes

Recycle metal and glass

We offer glass and metal recycling solutions to transform waste into resources:

  • Optimise and safeguard resources
  • Produce replacement raw materials
  • Provide a secure supply of materials and cut costs
  • Generate energy savings
  • Adopt a circular economy approach

Produce secondary raw materials

We manage the secondary raw material trade in European networks:

  • Ensure standardised quality adapted to the customer’s process
  • Guarantee continuous production and a constant supply
  • Benefit from expertise in collection, sorting, packaging and production

Recover polluted soils

We make it possible to reuse polluted soil by recovering it on dedicated platforms after initial pretreatment:

  • Maximise the efficiency of your resources
  • Optimise polluted soil reuse with adapted, bespoke, innovative treatments
  • Benefit from complete waste traceability and optimised treatment costs
  • Recover polluted soil in the form of alternative products for construction work (road beds, fill material, etc.), covering material for waste storage sites or material for precast concrete

Transform waste into alternative fuels

Our solutions enable us to optimise waste co-processing and recycling by transforming waste into alternative fuels:

  • Produce fuel by co-incineration of liquid and solid oily waste to replace fossil fuels
  • Optimise expenditures by reducing energy costs
  • Reduce your environmental impact and your CO2 footprint
  • Improve resource efficiency by joining the circular economy

[Video] Alternative Fuels in Australia & New Zealand

At our SUEZ-ResourceCo ARRT facility, waste is turned into alternative fuels for use in existing power stations or cement kilns.

SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels | SUEZ Australia & New Zealand

Credit: SUEZ Australia and New Zealand

Recover hazardous waste

We offer hazardous waste a second life by recovering the secondary raw materials and energy produced by treating this waste:

  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Preserve and optimise resources
  • Enhance the value of your brand by committing to the circular economy
  • Guarantee safety and legal compliance
  • Recover chemical and mineral products, solvents, salt, metals, glass, etc.
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