Work with you every step of the mining cycle

SUEZ offers solutions for the mining industry at design & construction phase and during operational phase.

Design and construction studies

Our solutions include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • EMP and EIA environmental consulting
  • Assessment of water resources
  • Pilot sites and mobile water treatment units
  • Social and geographical integration of the infrastructures
  • Design and construction of water supply and effluent treatment infrastructures and waste management infrastructures
  • Waste stream treatment plans
  • Design and management of road, port and railway construction projects

Operational phase

Our solutions include:

  • Water and effluent treatment
  • Treatment of industrial and hazardous waste
  • Equipment maintenance services
  • Flue gas and dust treatment
  • Recycling of derivatives and materials (metal, sulphuric acid, sludge, etc.)
  • Industrial cleaning (pumping and cleaning equipment, high-pressure cleaning, etc.)
  • Monitoring of operational data and reporting
  • Management of drinking water and wastewater on base camps
  • Collection, sorting and recycling of metal waste
  • Reuse of water and recycling

Site rehabilitation

Our solutions include:

  • Rehabilitation of mining sites, soil remediation (compost)
  • Restoration of aquifers and drainage basins
  • Monitoring of pollution and environmental audit
  • Water management after the closure of the mine
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