Increase your productivity

We enable you to achieve better productivity and cut costs. With solutions to increase oil and gas recovery, set up recycling systems and protect your assets, we are a key partner to help you boost your competitiveness.

Improve the yield of oil and gas wells or fields

Through risk assessments and the optimised management of on-site safety, we guarantee optimum safety conditions for maximum productivity:

  • Hyperspectral recovery and imagery
  • Demineralised water production to supply the heating plant, crude oil desalination and auxiliary equipment
  • Separation/extraction of CO2 in gas
  • Treatment of water and water vapour for injection, treatment of water produced for EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) by steam injection or chemical means, EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)

Optimise resource performance

  • Water recycling
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • Cable collection and recycling (copper, aluminium)
  • Separation of solids and oil in produced water and steam through CYCLONIXX® sand removal units
  • Gas dewatering with GLYNOXX® units to encourage its reuse and thus significantly reduce gas consumption and site emissions

Optimise your OPEX and boost your industrial assets

  • Outsource operations and maintenance
  • Mobile water treatment units for hire or leasing
  • Off-site effluent treatment service
  • Filtration membrane management
  • Corrosion protection
  • Facilities and equipment design
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