Energy production is at the centre of today's global challenges. By 2035, world energy demands will be 30% higher than in 2010, with oil and gas continuing to account for a significant share.
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Meet the challenges of refining and petrochemical industrial activities 

Through refining and petrochemical activities, crude oil and natural gas are transformed into finished goods and chemical intermediates used for everyday needs (fuels, plastics, resins, etc.). 

This production is constantly confronted with new technical and environmental challenges. Requirements concerning the quality, reliability, safety and performance of water treatment processes are becoming increasingly urgent. The industry must be able to guarantee the health and safety of its employees and the people living in the vicinity of its sites. It must also limit its environmental footprint, reduce operational costs, and ensure the continuity of production if its activities are to be both sustainable and efficient.
million barrels
The daily world consumption of oil in 2015
of the world's energy comes from oil, and 24% from gas
Our solutions

Combine performance of the petrochemical industry and environmental protection

Gjoa platform

Ensure safety, reduce costs and risks

We offer solutions to guarantee optimum safety conditions and full regulatory compliance, and to renovate or clean up refining and petrochemical industrial sites.
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Petrochemical industrial plant

Optimise the use of resources and increase your performance levels

Our solutions help you convert water and waste into new resources, manage the water and waste cycles, and improve the competitiveness of your refining and petrochemical sites with assets preservation.
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Offshore jack up drilling rig in the middle of the ocean

Ensure the safety of your operations and continuity of production

We combine safety water supplies, environmental protection and operational efficiency to guaranteeing you uninterrupted production.
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Our innovations

Our innovations for the refining and petrochemical industry

Each year, SUEZ invests €74 million in more than 65 research and development programs so that our customers benefit from the most efficient solutions and high-performance technologies on the market.
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Supporting you throughout the entire value chain

From resources management consulting to after-sales services, we bring you our expertise to carry out your projects
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