Ensure safety, reduce costs and risks

We offer solutions to guarantee optimum safety conditions and full regulatory compliance, and to renovate or clean up refining and petrochemical industrial sites.

Reducing risks

Through risk assessments and the optimised management of on-site safety, we guarantee optimum safety conditions for maximum productivity.
  • Personalised risk assessments (HAZOP studies, etc.).
  • Safety training and communication (SIR and F3C standards).
  • Optimised safety management.
  • Sharing of feedback.
  • Supply of fire-fighting water.
  • Technological risk management (fire, explosion, pollution, etc.).
  • Flood management.
  • ATEX audit with video inspection.
  • Hydraulic and hydrogeological management.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

By using state-of-the-art technologies for the treatment of polluted wastewater and hazardous waste, we guarantee full compliance with ever more stringent environmental regulations:
  • Asbestos removal.
  • Assessment and plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Process monitoring and management of discharges.

Bringing a new lease of life to sites

Our expertise allows us to renovate or clean up refining and petrochemical industrial sites:
  • Site remediation, including soils and aquifers (in situ and ex situ)
  • Site renovation
  • Site rehabilitation
  • Site qualification
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