Ensure the safety of your operations and continuity of production

We combine safety water supplies, environmental protection and operational efficiency to guaranteeing you uninterrupted production.

Ensuring water supplies

We help you to improve the competitiveness of your refining and petrochemical sites with assets preservation.

Improving operational efficiency

We ensure the cleaning up of your sites using innovative technologies combined with a smart reporting system:
  • Cleaning solutions, such as the high-pressure and automated cleaning of tanks
  • Integrated cleaning during shut-down periods
  • Catalyst management
  • Industrial maintenance and cleaning
  • Smart monitoring
  • Reporting and dedicated account management

Protecting the environment

  • Integration of biodiversity
  • Marine, river and hydrogeological environmental audits and management
  • Collection, traceability and logistics for hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Treatment of hazardous waste
  • Evapo-incineration
  • Mobile waste treatment units
  • Dehydration, drying and incineration of sludge
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater
  • On-site and off-site treatment of wastewater with oil removal, biological treatment and polishing
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