Optimise the use of resources and increase your performance levels

Our solutions help you convert water and waste into new resources, manage the water and waste cycles, and improve the competitiveness of your refining and petrochemical sites with assets preservation.

Conserving resources and recycling water and waste

By more efficiently using existing resources, and converting water and waste into new resources, we optimise your costs and assets to improve your competitiveness.
  • Assessment of your water footprint
  • Resource management strategies
  • Integrated management of the water cycle
  • Optimisation of water consumption
  • Reuse of water (Zero Liquid Discharge).
  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • Reinjection into the water table
  • Optimised treatment system for spent catalysts
  • Regeneration and recovery of used solvents

Managing the water and waste cycles

We optimise your costs and your environmental impact through the efficient use of resources and recycling:
  • Generation of energy from waste (steam, electricity, etc.)
  • Commercialisation of carbonated sludge
  • Supply of secondary raw materials, e.g. for the production of fuel
  • Consultancy in energy management
  • Oil recovery
  • Preparation of fuels for cement works
  • Recycling of plastics

Managing costs and increasing competitiveness

We help you to improve the competitiveness of your refining and petrochemical sites with assets preservation:
  • Leasing of mobile units
  • Management of costs and investments
  • Management of performance contracts
  • Outsourcing of public services and shared facilities
  • Energy efficiency of water and waste treatment facilities
  • Dedicated equipment maintenance
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