Optimise the use of resources

We provide solutions to help you reduce water footprint and recover waste and reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

Reduce water footprint during the production phase of the power plant

Optimise your water resources and minimise discharge into the environment:

Recover waste during the production phase and on the definitive shut-down of the power plant

  • Recovery of construction/deconstruction waste (plaster, concrete, plastics, etc.)
  • Recovery of dangerous and pathogenic waste (packing in from refrigeration towers, PCBs, etc.)
  • Recovery of non-hazardous waste (sludge, liquids, metals, glass, brass, etc.)
  • Smart waste (real-time tracking, connected containers, etc.)
  • Storage of residual waste Recovery of depolluted soil and water

Reduce greenhouse gases during the production phase of the power plant

Develop the use of alternative energies, produce green electricity and steam and monitor pollution:

  • Solid fuels recovered from SRF/RDF
  • Production of biomass
  • Supply of residual sludge
  • Clean transport
  • Biomass plant co-investment
  • SRF/RDF plant co-investment
  • SOx wastewater treatment
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