Recover production effluents

Thanks to our expertise in waste recovery and our knowledge of paper industry processes, we can provide appropriate waste recovery solutions and services. We also transform sludge into energy or compost.

Recycle materials at every production phase

  • Fibres recovery throughout the process (flotation, settling etc.)
  • Water used during the production process with variable recovery rates and quality according to the type of paper produced


This recycling process requires several treatments depending on the type of paper mill (integrated or not), the raw material used (new pulp or recycled paper) and the type of paper produced. We offer the most suitable solution for each type of production.

Optimise the end treatment line (water + sludge) and possible recycling

  • Primary treatment of different phases from preliminary pretreatment to possible refrigeration.
  • Biological treatment particularly taking into account: fouling potential of the fibres, calcium concentrations and salinity.
  • Tertiary treatment if necessary to lower concentrations of compounds such as suspended solids, hard COD or colouration.

Economical solutions for sludge treatment

We offer different solutions for primary sludge management according to the specific needs of your site, your end goal and the composition of the mixture

  • Recycling in production
  • Dewatering or mixing with biological sludge.

Recovering pulper discharge, for strands in particular

Strands are a mixture of metal and plastic fibres. They are removed from pulper waste to separate metals from plastics by ballistic screening after grinding.


We provide a grinding solution that mechanically extracts metal scrap from plastics by biological mechanical sorting in preparation for material recovery.


The plastics extracted are recovered to produce steam and/or power energy (alternative fuel).

Managing all paper mill industrial waste

Under the terms of a delegated management contract, we take care of all waste management for our customers:

  • Sorting logistics management
  • Transportation of waste, administrative and operational monitoring
  • A team of dedicated experts on site to provide comprehensive flow management and implement progress plans
  • Cleansing your systems

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