Save water and reduce your environmental footprint

In developing new applications for existing equipment, we help the pulp and paper industry control waterborne contaminants in its production processes. We also provide solutions for reducing water consumption.

Dispose of stubborn pollution such as micropollutants and hard COD

These non-biodegradable polluting substances can have an impact on process water and performance of sewerage plants.


Using tried and tested methods, we design and implement a combination of technologies that is best suited to your needs and that offers the best economic ratio:

  • On-site analysis and testing using containerised pilot plants
  • Selection of the most suitable process from a choice of in situ treatment at the heart of the process, treatment on the WWTP or incineration of polluted effluent
  • Implementation of advanced treatment: ozone oxidation, activated carbon adsorption or membrane filtration

Reducing water consumption for effluent deinking

The Greywater deinking solution using dissolved air flotation (DAF) allows for more economical, circular use of the water resource.


Technological efficiency ensures optimum water clarification, enabling it to be reinjected into the process. Air bubbles generated by the flotation unit cause ink particles to rise to the surface and form a foam made up of soap, ink particles, fibres, fines and fillers, and termed deinking sludge. Deinking sludge can then be re-used in materials for the building industry or as agricultural fertilisers.


These flotation units also:

  • Guarantee constant water quality
  • Allow low-cost water reuse
  • Optimise the process and reduce polymer consumption
  • Use space intelligently by means of compact, robust, turnkey technology which is easy to install
  • Reduce water footprint and environmental impact
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