A unique solution for water & wastewater treatment for Indias leading dairy co


A dairy research & development facility  in  Northern India uses two water sources (borewell and municipal) of varying quality. The plant needed a water treatment technology that could cater to both  sources  while meeting the  following requirements:


  • One central interface with the system, including a single programmable  logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI).
  • Treatment  of wastewater with high chemical oxygen demand  (COD)  &   biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) values.
  • Treated water can  be reused.

SUEZ designed a solution based on the unique technical requirements of the facility.The plant can operate at two different water sources and offers two types of product water by suitable blending option.

The solution uses an ultrafiltration (UF) / reverse osmosis (RO) system to treat borewell/municipal water into process and utility water.

Municipal water  is  fed  for phase  1  for 6  hours  and phase 2  for  12  hours. The  borewell water is  fed  for phase 1 for 10 hours and  phase 2 for 20 hours. In both  feeds, 162  m3/day  flow  will  be  directed  towards the utility   water  tank   and   17   m3/day   will  be   used  as process water in the  plant. Further, the  flow rate for municipal water is 38 m3/hr and  24 m3/hr for borewell water.

SUEZ’s  ZeeWeed* 500D  membrane bioreactor  (MBR) technology treats the plant’s wastewater.The ZeeWeed MBR system can operate with the membranes directly in the bioreactor tank, drastically  reducing the required plant  footprint by eliminating the need for secondary clarifiers.


When municipal water is the feed:


suez unique solution for water



When Borewell water is the feed:


suez unique solution for water sec


Table 1: Project Summary


End user: Dairy production
Location: Northern India
Commissioned: 2012
Application: Water treatment
Feed water source: Borewell and municipal water
Feed water quality: TDS <620 ppm="" (borewell);="">
<400 ppm="">
Product quality: TDS 300-500 ppm (utility water); TDS <30 ppm="" (process="">
Capacity: 38m3/hr (municipal),24 m3/hr (borewell)
Technology: SUEZ’s UF-RO system & MBR

After commissioning,the SUEZ solution treated municipal and borewell water to meet the requirements of the customer.TDS of the product water was 300-500 ppm for the utility water and  less than 30  ppm for the process water. Turbidity was less than 0.5 NTU in both water flows.

With the use of ZeeWeed 500D MBR, the COD and BOD values in the wastewater were drastically reduced and  the  treated wastewater was reused as process water.

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