An interactive waste management service for the inhabitants of Aarschot

In its quest for greater efficiency and transparency, the town of Aarschot in Belgium has opted for a system that identifies and pre-charges the waste collected from users. SUEZ was tasked with developing the system and deployed individual containers equipped with an electronic chip and individual badges to the inhabitants, as well as an online management application.
The mission

Digital technology to simplify and clarify waste collection

In 2015, the municipality of Aarschot in Belgium decided to set up a more efficient waste management service, notably drawing on new technologies that included:
  • a pre-billing system for waste collected from users;
  • identified door-to-door collection and complementary, voluntary waste disposal containers;
  • centralisation of the means of communication between the municipality and the users.
This service was intended to satisfy user requests for greater clarity and simplicity, with a centralisation of information on waste. It also meets the digital evolution of the local authorities.
The number of inhabitants benefiting from the collection of household waste.
Our solution

A personalised and interactive waste management service

To meet the expectations of the city of Aarschot and its inhabitants, SUEZ developed and implemented a comprehensive service comprising:
  • an identification system for users and containers (badges / electronic chips);
  • a prepayment system facilitating user billing;
  • a web application allowing better communication between the municipality, users and waste collectors.

Pre-billing of waste collection

Each household has a personal account that it pays into online prior to collection, and each container is equipped with an electronic chip. All information on the waste collection is thus recorded in a single system: account credited, number of containers collected, collection refusal, specific requests, etc.
Thanks to a personal badge, users also have access to collective containers where they can sort and deposit recyclable waste.


Facilitate communication and waste monitoring

Accessible to users, the municipality and SUEZ, the interactive application allows for: 
  • lodging complaints about the waste collection service;
  • dealing with these complaints;
  • tracking interventions (collection, repairs);
  • managing on-demand (bulky) waste collection;
  • generating all types of analysis reports for the municipality; etc.
On behalf of the municipality, SUEZ also manages the provision of bins and containers, the collection, billing, prepayment, requests to credit accounts, and follow-up of the various streams of household waste.

The results
Thanks to an innovative system, SUEZ met the efficiency and transparency requirements of the city of Aarschot and its users in terms of waste management.
  • The billing of waste collection is correlated with the quantity of waste produced, while the prepayment system avoids post-billing payment issues.
  • This system promotes the deposit and sorting of recyclable waste in collective containers.
  • The users, the municipality and SUEZ can follow waste collection services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The municipality can access all the information on the waste collection: addresses and behaviour of users, waste produced, collections made, situation of private and collective containers, status of complaints and claims, analysis reports, etc.
  • The application is easy to set up and requires no specific installation.
collection points for recyclable waste accessible via badges.
household waste containers available to the inhabitants and distributed throughout the city.