After experiencing a one-week unplanned shutdown, a leading chemical plant set out to find a solution

A customer chemical plant located on the Mediterranean cost of France, about 70 kilometers west of Marseille, experienced a one-week unplanned shutdown due to a corrosion issues that led to production losses.
The mission

Due to the scale of the plant, the customer uses a significant volume of water, and its quality is paramount for the reliability of the plant.


After experiencing a one-week shutdown due to a corrosion issues that led to significant production losses, the plant set out to find a solution that would optimize treatment processes and prevent future unplanned shutdowns.

2 million
of water used at the customer plant for cooling
5 million
In estimated production losses due to corrosion
Our solution

A comprehensive treatment program

SUEZ proposed a comprehensive treatment program, including chemicals, equipment and digital solutions to ensure maximized asset protection and efficiency.

Digital solutions to monitor, protect and optimize

Our digital portfolio was added to provide continuous monitoring and alarms on critical parameters such as phosphates, chlorine, pH, conductivity, and dispersant. TrueSense* for Cooling, a state-of-the-art chemical automation technology, was installed on each cooling network.


TrueSense ensures continuous dosing of the right product and quantity, resulting in ultimate system performance and cost optimization.

The cooling system treatment program is also monitored in real time by InSight*, our cloud-based Asset Performance Management solution. InSight allows both the customer and us to monitor cooling system operations and proactively troubleshoot issues, while customized alarm capabilities linked to the plant’s key performance indicators have also been incorporated.
The results

The InSight database for the customer site now comprises 95 assets, monitoring 475 parameters and pulling in more than 330,000 data points annually.


In addition, eight Remote Tank Monitoring sensors have been implemented. These tank-level sensors connect into InSight to monitor the chemical stock and automatically reorder when needed.


Our digital solutions are working together to help the customer improve system reliability, work more efficiently, and most importantly, continue to deliver on its commitments to customers.

95 | 475
Number of assets and parameters now monitored through InSight
Productivity gain using SUEZ digital solutions

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