Complete SUEZ water management solution for a beverage greenfield plant


A beverage  facility  located in  South India  needed  a future-proof   and    efficient  water   and   wastewater treatment  plant. The  company  decided  that  a  new wastewater treatment facility would  be the  best option  to  treat its  wastewater  and reuse  the  effluent back  within its plant.


Working with  SUEZ the  beverage  company  created  a new  water treatment plant, at  which  raw water is fed to  the   raw water  storage  tank  followed by  specific chemical dosing. Ferric chloride, polymer and lime  are used as  coagulant for alkalinity  removal.  The  water then  goes  through  a  clarifier,  Multimedia  filtration (MMF)  and   Activated   Carbon  Filtration   (ACF);  and subsequently   flows  from    the    outlet  of   individual cartridge  filter  to  the  suction  high-pressure  pumps. From there,  pressurized  feed   will  pass  through an array of  low-energy  nanofiltration  (NF)  membranes. The filtered water from the  storage tank  is pumped to an  UV  Sterilizer  for  the  removal of  microorganisms present  in  the   water.  The  plant also  includes  a  b recovery system using MMF filter.

The  new  water treatment  plant includes  Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology to  treat  wastewater for reuse purposes. SUEZ’s ZeeWeed* 500D MBR solution was  suggested  because  it   can   operate  with   the  membranes   directly    in    the     bioreactor    tank     to drastically  reduce  the  required  plant  footprint  and  eliminate the  need for secondary clarifiers.

The  effluent from the  MBR process is  then fed  into  a reverse  osmosis  (RO) system  and  treated  further  for
reuse. The RO system used to treat the  MBR permeate is    designed   for   wastewater    applications    with stage  wise  cleaning.   The   MBR  permeate   of  260 m3/day   is   pumped  from  the   treated   water  tank  through the  RO feed  pump. The system is designed for the   recovery  of  70%  to  yield  the   permeate of 180  m3/day  with  less than 2100  ppm.   The  system package also includes the  necessary dosing system and Clean in Place (CIP) System.

The  reject from the  RO system  is  further  directed to    the    tank   through   the    drain    channel   and  collection sump.


Project Summary


Location: Southern India
Application: Water & wastewater treatment
Commissioned: 2016
Feed water source : Bore well raw water & effluent
Capacity : WTP- 1600 m3/day and ETP- 600 m3/day
Technology : ACF / MMF / NF / MBR / RO

SUEZ’s     solution     for    this    company     provided treated water as per standards of the company and  enabled  the   treated  wastewater  to  be   reused  in several process such as for cooling tower make- up (Soft Water Plant).

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