Confectionery company uses LEAP* T-MBR with ZeeWeed* 500D for recycling ETP wastewater


A confectionary company’s facility in North India operated a 440m3/day effluent treatment plant (ETP), producing wastewater with high chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). The company wanted to recycle the ETP waste from the secondary clarifier blended with cooling tower blowdown waste, sand filter backwash waste, and softener regeneration wastewater.


After assessing customer input and project requirements, SUEZ determined that a majority of the organics are soluble and therefore can be removed by tertiary membrane bioreactor (T-MBR) technology to meet RO feed quality of COD <20 mg/l

SUEZ  created a  solution  that combines  T-MBR, reverse osmosis (RO), and  a dissolved gas (DG) to achieve the  required quality  of treated water. Total suspended solids (TSS) can vary from 60 mg/L to 150 mg/L and   COD is  <350   ppm,   with  the    clarifier overflow being the biggest contributor.  The solution features LEAP T-MBR technology with  ZeeWeed 500D reinforced modules for ultrafiltration (UF).

LEAP-based UF technology offers several advantages over other UF systems. It is energy efficient and reduces the energy required for membrane aeration by 30%. LEAP aeration devices release large bubbles that create higher scouring forces along the surface of the membrane fiber. These bubbles are much more effective at removing solids than smaller bubbles. Elimination of air cycling valves gives LEAP a simpler mechanical design. The technology has the flexibility to convert into MBR should production
expansion call for such a capability.The confectionary’s T-MBR system also includes a membrane tank with one 16 module cassette that produces an average daily flow of 440 m3/day. The T- MBR system is designed for 24-hour operation, reducing the number of required modules and cassettes.


Table 1: Project Summary


Commissioned: 2012
Application: Wastewater treatment for reuse
Feedwater source: Wastewater from ETP
Feedwater quality: BOD: 50 mg/L; COD: <350 mg/L; TDS: <5000 ppm
Product quality: TDS <250 ppm followed by RO
Flow rate: 440 m3/day
Technology: LEAP T-MBR with ZeeWeed 500D

SUEZ’s T-MBR system provides a total product of 400 m3/day and the RO system produces 320 m3/day. The footprint of the system is much smaller than that of conventional treatment. With the use of LEAP T-MBR technology, the customer’s COD, BOD, and TDS values from the ETP wastewater were considerably reduced and the treated wastewater was reused as process water.

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