Dairies use SUEZ’s MBR technology for wastewater reuse applications

Location: Gujarat & Hyderabad, India
Capacity: 1.6 MLD & 300 m3/day
Commissioned: 2015 & 2011
Technology: Membrane bioreactor (MBR)

Two dairy companies  were seeking  complete wastewater  treatment  solutions for their effluent treatmentplants.One of the plants  experienced veryhigh chemicaloxygen demand(COD),and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD),while the other experience dhigh BOD,andtotal suspended solids (TSS).Both companies wanted a solution that wouldtreattheirwastewater toreuse standards (utilitywater).Recycling water wouldreducetheir fresh water dependency.


SUEZ developed solutions that feature MBR, technology that can achieve consistent effluent quality of BOD <5 mg/L and turbidity <0.5 NTU; conventional treatment typically achieves BOD <30 mg/L. MBR requires a compact footprint compared to conventional treatment and minimizes construction costs. ZeeWeed* 500D membrane modules and cassettes were provided to both solutions. Depending on the specific application and design requirements, a ZeeWeed MBR plant can achieve high quality nitrified effluent.

High quality effluent from the ZeeWeed MBR system meetsCalifornia Title22 andsimilarregulatory requirements and is ideally suited for non-potable reuse applications. Fewer processes, combined with a highly automated programmable logic controller (PLC) makes plant operation less labour intensive and much more straightforward.


After commissioning SUEZ’s treatment solution, both the plants had lower TSS, total dissolved solids (TDS), BOD, COD, and turbidity values. The treated water quality was fit for reuse. SUEZ-supplied a MBR, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis system which is a proven technology with over 400 wastewater instalments ranging from 0.5 MLD to excess of 60 MLD globally.

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