Hyères, in France, back in control of its drinking water supply

In 2011, SUEZ signed a Public Service Delegation concession with Hyères-les-Palmiers and launched a large-scale project with the municipality to reduce use of the water resources and restore its alluvial groundwater. By modernising the distribution network and recharging the aquifers, the “Aqua renova” project restored 97% of Hyères’ water self-sufficiency one year after the end of the work.
The mission

Secure a sustainable, independent water resource in Hyères

of seawater content is sufficient to deteriorate the quality of aquifers.
of water consumed was taken from aquifers
Our solution

Combine smart management with recharging aquifers

The results
water meters in the town fitted with the innovative remote reading device
acoustic sensors installed on the town centre water network
million m3
of fresh water infiltrated between October and April to recharge the Gapeau aquifer