Indian brewery’s complete water management system features SUEZ’s zero liquid discharge technology

Location: Southern India
Flow: 2160 m3/day
Commissioned: 2015
Application: Water treatment plant upgrade, effluent treatment plant recycling, zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
Technology: Ultrafiltration (UF) / reverse osmosis (RO) / electro dialysis reversal (EDR) / activated carbon filters (ACF) / ZLD

A brewery  in  Hyderabad  producing  2-million-hectare litre per annum was being required by environmental regulations  to  convert  to  a  ZLD facility.  The  brewery wanted a vendor who could  take on all responsibilities, from   design,  engineering  and   manufacturing  of  key components - like RO skids, UF skids, EDR skid, and a crystalliser - to  commissioning and  on-site  services. Based on  the   RFQ  provided by  the  company,  many firms were considered,  but  SUEZ  was selected after the  bidding  procedure.
For treatment of raw bore well  water, SUEZ proposed that the   raw water  be  collected in  an  existing raw water tank, followed by sodium  hypo-chloride  dosing and  clarification. The clarifier water from the  clarified water tank  is pumped through a multi-grade pressure sand filter  for  the  removal  of  suspended  particles present   in   the    clarified   water.   The    multimedia filtration (MMF) water is then passed through an  ACF for removal of color, odor and dissolved organics resent in the water. Then the  filtered water is pumped through two booster pumps which feed   an   individual  RO  skid.  The  recovery  of  this  system  is   90%   with   a   90   m3/h  flow   rate  and considerable  reduction   in   total  dissolved   solids (TDS). Also,  NaOH  is  dosed in the  RO permeate to adjust the  pH of 6.5.

For  wastewater  recovery,   the   secondary   clarifier water is collected in the  existing effluent treatment plant  collection  tank,  followed  by  a   multi-grade pressure  sand  filter.  The   UF   permeate  water  is passed   through   an    ACF    for    the    removal   of color, odor,  and  any  dissolved  organics  present in the   water.  Further,  the   ACF filtered water  is  fed to the  RO system.

The RO reject from the  wastewater reuse plant and  RTP   RO  system   goes  through  EDR,   which   was selected  due   to  its   high   recovery  of  challenging water (90%). The EDR reject is fed to a ZLD system for capacity of 2 m3/h.
With commissioning  of this  new  plant, the  brewery successfully converted to ZLD.
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