Indian dairy selects ZeeWeed*500D membrane bioreactor for wastewater

Location: Northern India
Capacity: 500 m3/day
Commissioned: February 2011
Membrane Type: ZeeWeed 500D

A dairy company’s noodle production plant in Northern India required efficient wastewater treatment technology for the aerobic treatment portion of its plant. The company wanted a solution that would enable recycling plus expand as production volumes continue to increase


SUEZ created a ZeeWeed 500D MBR solution with expandable capacity. The ZeeWeed ultrafiltration (UF) membrane has a nominal pore size of 0.04 µm, which provides a physical barrier to biomass, bacteria, and viruses, and retains them in the process tank. SUEZ membranes can handle extreme variances in feedwater, and can operate in high mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) concentrations of up to
12,000 mg/L.

In the process, effluent from the equalization tank and return activated sludge (RAS) being pumped from the membrane tank is mixed and split equally into the aerobic aeration tank in a bioreactor tank. The ZeeWeed MBR system can operate with the membranes directly in the bioreactor tank, which drastically reduces the required plant footprint by eliminating the need for secondary clarifiers.
The process aeration blowers provide air for the biological tank and ensure that sufficient oxygen is available to maintain the biological processes in the tank. The mixed liquor from the end of the bioreactor aerobic zone proceeds by gravity to the membrane filtration basins. From membrane tanks, permeate pump draws treated effluent through the pores of the membrane fibers and into the back-pulse tank. Clean water (permeate) is suctioned through ZeeWeed 500D membranes by centrifugal permeate pumps.

The ZeeWeed UF system consists of one membrane train to meet the required throughput capacity. SUEZ’s’ MBR enhances the plant’s capacity to handle its growing wastewater treatment needs and to produce high quality water that could be sent directly to the cooling system.

ZeeWeed 500D was installed in the plant with a capacity of 500 m3/day. The system is further expandable to 800 m3/day. ZeeWeed technology has been proven for more than two decades for wastewater treatment and water reuse.

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