Leading beverage producer selects zeeweed 500D mbr for wastewater treatment

Location: Bangladesh, Siliguri, Bidadi, Goblej
Capacity: 250, 600, 250 & 880 m3/day
Commissioned: 2011 - 2014
Technology: Membrane bioreactor (MBR)


A leading   beverage   manufacturer   was  looking   to expand its  effluent treatment  plant (ETP)  capacity  at four of its  facilities and  also implement  a  solution to enable wastewater reuse.  The wastewater at  these sites have   high   biochemical  oxygen   demand  (BOD), and  chemical oxygen demand (COD), both  of which  had  to be reduced to meet reusable standards.


SUEZ developed a solution involving MBR technology that can achieve consistent effluent quality of BOD <5 mg/L and turbidity <0.5 NTU; conventional effluent treatment typically achieves BOD <30 mg/L. MBR requires a compact footprint compared to conventional treatment and minimizes construction costs. ZeeWeed 500D membrane modules and cassettes were provided. Depending on the specific application and design requirements, a ZeeWeed MBR plant can achieve high quality nitrified effluent.

Major components of the system include a mechanical fine screen (2 mm),  bioreactor tank, biological process  blowers, chemical  feed  system,  and  membrane tank with  accessories for installing  the  ultrafiltration  (UF)

In   the    ZeeWeed   MBR   process, the   membrane cassettes are immersed directly in the mixed liquor in  the   membrane  tanks.  A membrane train is  a treatment  unit    consisting   of   multiple  cassettes that are manifolded together, installed in a concrete tank  (i.e.   membrane tank),  and   connected  to   a common permeate pump.

High quality  effluent from the  ZeeWeed MBR system meets   California  Title   22  and   similar   regulatory requirements  and  is  ideally  suited  for  non-potable reuse applications. Fewer processes, combined with a  highly  automated  programmable  logic  controller (PLC), makes  plant operation less labour intensive and much more straightforward.


After commissioning  SUEZ’s treatment solution,  all four sites achieved lower BOD, COD, and  turbidity values. The  treated water quality  was fit  for reuse. These   projects   were   the    first    MBR    projects implemented by SUEZ Water India.

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