QHSE Application: an in-house robust system to strengthen H&S reporting

Ensuring the safety of the men and women of SUEZ remains imperative for the Group. The Company is committed to develop and sustain the highest level of safety culture to prevent workplace accidents. Positive approach for Health and Safety is encouraged by recognizing good practices and good behaviour and encourage spontaneous reporting of events, whether it is an accident or a near miss.
Our mission

H&S reporting has an important role in developing a safety culture and, hence, a robust system must be in place to facilitate easy reporting for the employees. Since SUEZ’s business and operation was scaling up in India, it was becoming tough to manage and maintain hard copies of all reports and database. It was also leading to data duplication and loss. The solution lied in digitalizing the process, and a mobile based application was the answer.

Our solution

Digital technology is already at the heart of SUEZ’s operations. With its new digital roadmap, SUEZ is becoming a data-driven company, optimizing the internal processes, by using digital tools. To strengthen the H&S reporting, and make it easier for the employees, the company developed an Android as well Web based platform to facilitate an easy submission of reports, related to Quality, Health, and Safety issues.

This new system, in use since 2017, is capable of reporting different type of crises, emergencies, incidents, and manager site visits. The application has features where a user can give suggestions and recommendations. It has a user-friendly interface.

The success of this application is evident from the fact that a majority of employees have downloaded and have been using it for reporting on regular basis.

Different features of QHSE Applications:

  • QHSE Mobile App: QHSE mobile app for quick fill reports from sites
  • QHSE Web Application: QHSE web app for filling report from web browser
  • QHSE Server App: QHSE server App for QC and Analysis
The results

The QHSE application works on both Android and Web based platforms. It is a quick and easy solution for reporting, viewing and managing different types of reports.

  • One can report corrective measures, suggestions and recommendations about the events and reports.
  • It has features that facilitate the users to upload geo-location and photographs with reports in a very convenient way.
  • After reporting, an authorized person gets automatic email notification. In other words, when a user submits a report about crisis/emergencies, incident/near-miss, danger/suggestion, then managers get a summary of report through email.
  • Web based QHSE application has made data storage and handling easy for users. The paperwork, which was in practice earlier, was leading to data duplication and data loss.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface
  • QHSE application helps to report crises and emergencies with particular scenarios.
  • A Manager Site Visit (MSV) can be tracked and the details that can be shared among authorized persons.