Sri Lanka dairy doubles wastewater treatment capacity with SUEZ solutions

Location: Sri Lanka
Capacity: 1200 m3/day
Commissioned: May 2011
Membrane Type: ZeeWeed* 500D

A dairy in Sri Lanka wanted to increase its wastewater treatment plant capacity to address the aerobic portion of its wastewater  treatment  plant.It also wanted to treat  the membrane bioreactor(MBR)  permeate to produce 20m3/hr RO permeate.


SUEZ created a ZeeWeed 500D MBR solutionfor retrofitting the existing wastewater plant. The ZeeWeed
500D membranehas a 0.04 micronpore size, which provides a physicalbarrierto biomass, bacteria, and viruses, and retains them in the process tank.

The ZeeWeed MBR system operates with the membranesdirectly in the bioreactortank, drasticallyreducing therequired plantfootprint by eliminating theneedforsecondaryclarifiers. The existing aeration tanks were sufficientfor feed up to chemical oxygen demand (COD) of 3000 mg/L; anincrease to 4000mg/L would require an additional aeration tank.

For treating theMBR permeate, SUEZ offered the ReNEW* RO systemdesignedat 25°C. ReNEW isskid-mounted, withrelatively fewtiepoints hence,the time,materials,andcostrequiredfor installationareminimized.TheReNEWRO hasa flowrateof20m3/hr,whichcouldbereusedin production process.


The ZeeWeed 500D retrofit – the first MBR plant in Sri Lanka – doubled the plant’s capacity to 1200m3/day. The technology  has been proven to  be one of the best  for  wastewater  treatment  and  water  reuse. SUEZ  has the world's largest  installed MBR  base that uses ZeeWeed UF membranes  to produce the highest quality of water for reuse.

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