SUEZ enables Zero liquid discharge for one of India’s leading company in agribusiness and food sector

Project Details
Location : Gujarat
Capacity : 400 m³/day
Technology : Clarifier, Filters, Ultrafiltration (UF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), Crystalliser (XLR)

Customer wanted to reuse the waste water back in industrial application and achieve Zero Liquid Discharge thereby meeting environmental regulations. They wanted to treat 400 m³/day through zero liquid discharge system with minimal down time and higher availability of the crystallizer/ evaporator unit.


Type Unit Inlet quality
Hardness ppm 1615
TSS ppm 556
TDS ppm 10000

SUEZ evaluated the options and recommended a Zero liquid discharge plant consisting of clarifier, filters, UF, RO and ZLD.

The wastewater first underwent pre-treatment in existing Tube Deck Clarifier, Multi Grade Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and Pressurized Ultra-Filtration system from which the permeate SDI becomes less than 3.

UF Permeate goes to RO system where highly reliable composite polyamide membranes with low fouling characteristics and spiral wound configuration enables 95% recovery. RO Permeate has TDS <500 ppm

The RO reject was fed into crystallizer where crystallization occurs by mechanical vapor recompression, based on SUEZ’s power driven forced circulation (FC) technology.

SUEZ’s ZLD technology provides:

  • Superior operational performance
  • System design and component supply in an expedited timeframe with proper quality controls to ensure reliability.
  • 95-96% annual online time with one offline maintenance week per year
  • Equipment design life of 20 -30 years.

SUEZ’s solution allows customer to treat waste water and achieve ZLD in most efficient way with more reliability, minimal downtime and less cleaning frequency.