SUEZ’s RO system provides condensate of whey water recovery for Indian dairy

Location: Northern India
Flow Rate: 1200 m3/day (reverse osmosis (RO))
Commissioned: 2014
Application: Condensate of whey (COW) water recovery

A dairy production facility in Ludhiana in northern India was looking to recover its condensate of whey (COW) water for reuse in its production processes.The total organic carbon (TOC) in the condensate water was very high,which posed a challenge.


SUEZ  designed a solution that included an RO system to treat the feed condensate at 50m3/h at a recovery of 90%.The solution also included an activated carbon filter (ACF), and UV sterilizer to treat the RO permeate water.

The COW water from the evaporator is supplied at a temperature of  65°C.Hence,as part  of pre-treatment, a heat exchanger is provided to cool the COW water to 15°C.The pretreated water is further  stored in the conical bottom tank and pumped to the RO feed pump.The RO system is equipped with a high pressure pump, membrane pressure  vessel,  and  the  RO membranes. The  RO permeate  water is further treated through the downstream ACF-UV sterilizer and the chlorine dioxide generator is provided to dose chlorine dioxide to the  RO permeate water.


Once the  solution was implementation, the TOC level decreased from 5.4 to less than 2 and pH was neutralized.The RO-treated water was reused by the company as process water.

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