Suez zeeweed 1500 uf enables beverage company to use bore well water in process


In order to use bore well water at its facility, a beverage manufacturer located in Southern India needed to treat the source water for high levels of Coliform, E.Coli, and Pseudomonas. This required the plant to install an efficient water treatment solution that could effectively remove these bacteria from the water.


Based on the unique technical requirements and general business objectives, SUEZ proposed the ZeeWeed 1500 ultrafiltration membranes for producing UF permeate of 30 m3/hr.

The design of the plant included pre-treatment with existing Ca(OCl)2 dosing system for oxidation of iron & manganese, followed first by a pressurized UF and then a post-chlorination process with the existing Ca(OCl)2 dosing system for disinfection.


Table: Project Summary


End User : Beverage Manufacturer
Location : Southern India
Application : Raw Water Treatment
Commissioned : 2015
Feed water source : Bore well water
Capacity : WTP- 1600 m3/day and ETP- 600 m3/day
Product Quality: E.Coli, Coliform, & Pseudomonas = 4 log
Recovery : 97%
Flow rate : 700 m3/day
Technology : ZeeWeed 1500

With SUEZ’s UF technology, the raw water was successfully treated, as per the standards of the company, with the values of E.Coli, Coliform, and Pseudomonas being reduced to permissible 4 log units. The UF system includes one membrane train with 97% recovery.

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