Tata Chemicals Mithapur plant turns to SUEZ to solve water scarcity issue and maintain production challenge


Tata Chemicals Mithapur Plant located in Mithapur, Gujarat, India manufactures soda ash, edible salt, and marine chemicals like Bromine, HCI, and others. It is the oldest Tata Chemicals facility. The Indian Government promised a supply of fresh water to run their plant. When the government was unable to provide the fresh water promised, Tata Chemicals faced shutting down production or finding an alternative source for their water needs. Tata Chemicals turned to SUEZ for the solution.


SUEZ evaluated the options and recommended a flexible Outsourced Water Services Agreement where SUEZ would provide fresh water from the only available water source – seawater.

The solution consists of seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) system for the production water needs and an additional brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) system for the demineralization plant.


The plant produces a total capacity of 246 m³/h (1162 gpm). The SWRO produces 170 m³/h (748 gpm) with TDS <300 mg/l.the bwro produces 76 m³/h (335 gpm) with tds <20 mg/l.the system’s capacity can be increased or decreased based on the quantity of water needed and the availability of an alternate fresh water


With the outsourced water services agreement, SUEZ is able to provide a solution that allows Tata Chemicals to maintain production without having to invest in capital equipment. Tata Chemicals can now focus on manufacturing their products instead of worrying about their water source.

SUEZ’s outsourced water projects provide customers with little or no capital expenditure, reduced operating costs and improved technical performance.