Our association with the city of Bengaluru: A long story of trust and confidence

For SUEZ, customers are at the heart of everything it does. In our constant efforts at improving performance, we work with our customers very closely to understand their needs and expectations better. SUEZ’s association with Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) over the last two decades is a testimony of a strong partnership that is based on a commitment to improving access to safe water for all.
The Mission

It all started way back in 1999 when SUEZ was awarded its first contract by BWSSB to build a 270 MLD water treatment plant at TK Halli, 80 kilometers away from Bangalore. This plant was later upgraded to 400 MLD. In 2009, BWSSB awarded another contract to design and build a 550 MLD capacity plant to scale up the water supply to the growing population of the city.

In 2016, yet again, SUEZ was awarded the third contract for Construction and Operation of two plants – installation of a new unit of 300 MLD capacity and the rehabilitation of an existing unit that also produce 300 MLD. Over a period of more than 18 years, BWSSB repeatedly reposed its trust in SUEZ for designing and building a cumulative of 1,550 MLD Water Treatment facility at its TK Halli Water Works. These plants work round the clock as a water factory serving more than six million residents of Bangalore city.

Our Solutions

The fact that the plants, which were built more than 15 years back, are successfully operating and producing potable water of international standards, are because of advanced technologies used and excellent services. For the first time, AquaDAF™ was implemented. The Aquadaf™ is a high-speed dissolved air flotation system particularly suited to the clarification of surface water generally of low-turbidity and subject to seasonal variations. Dissolved air flotation is a particularly efficient treatment system for eliminating low-density particles. Aquadaf™ can satisfy peaks of turbidity if they are limited in intensity and time.

This technology was specifically selected for TK Halli plant to enable treatment suiting the unique characteristics of the available raw water, which was moderately cloudy, containing high algae, organic matter, etc. Also, its highly compact design was well-suited for optimising the construction time and costs at the plant's rocky site. Apart from Aquadaf™, Aquazur V Filters were used that consistently guaranteed water quality and performance. Another highlight of this plant is its total automation (SCADA), where the plant can be operated from the convenience of the office through remote computers.

The Result

This strong and long association, undoubtedly, establishes a few facts – SUEZ’s ability to offer sustainable technology, products, and solutions, with ability to improve the environmental and economic performance of cities, deep commitment of our employees, provision of quality services and ability to jointly build tailor-made solutions.