Wastewater reuse with suez zeeweed membrane bioreactor and renew reverse osmosis


Looking toembrace the idea ofwater recycling,a dairy company in Indiasought asolutiontoincrease wastewater treatment capacityatitsplant in Northern India.Therecycledwaterwould be reusedin productionprocesses, helpingtheplant control and reducefreshwaterintake as production volumes increase.


SUEZ created a customized solution for theplant that usesZeeWeed 500D membranebioreactor (MBR) technology for increasing capacity and ReNEW reverse osmosis (RO) for wastewater reuse.

TheZeeWeed 500seriesmembrane isareinforced hollow fiberultrafiltration (UF) membranewith a nominal pore size of 0.04µm for effectively removing dangerous pathogens.
Process wastewater in theexisting balancingtankis pumped through a finescreening beforeenteringMBR.Afterthe aerationprocess,the mixedliquor proceedstomembrane tanks, andthenclean water (permeate) is suctioned throughZeeWeed 500D membranes bycentrifugalpumps.TheZeeWeed UF system consists of three membrane trains to meet therequiredthroughputcapacity.TheMBR retrofit enhances theplant’scapacitytohandle itsgrowing wastewater treatmentneedsand to producehigh quality water.

Part of theMBR permeate is fedto theRO plant. The ROplantoperatesat 75% recovery, producinga permeate flow of 25 m3/h. The balance MBR permeate water is blended with RO reject water to meet thefinal reject total dissolved solids (TDS) of <2,100>


SUEZ’s ZeeWeed500D technologyincreased the plant’s treatment capacity from 1000 m3/day to 1800 m3/day.ReNEWROwaterproduces25m3/hr RO permeate,which isreused intheplant’scooling towers.ZeeWeed membranetechnologyhasbeen proven formore than two decades forwastewater treatment and water reuse.

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