ZeeWeed 1500 BWRO reduces heavy metals contamination

A fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) production facility in Sri Lanka wanted a water treatment solution for its raw borewell water. This water was contaminated with heavy metals like iron and manganese. With a proper solution, the treated borewell water could be reused in production processes

After considering the water contamination and other requirements of the company, SUEZ created a solution of ultrafiltration (UF) followed by reverse osmosis (RO). Major components of the system included hypo chloride dosing for oxidation of iron, and manganese, pressurized UF, and brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) designed for 25°C.

The UF system features SUEZ’s ZeeWeed 1500, a pressurized hollow-fiber membrane that achieves 95% recovery; the BWRO system achieves 80% recovery.


Table 1: Project Summary


Location: Sri Lanka
Commissioned: 2015
Application: Water treatment plant
Feedwater source: Raw borewell water
Feedwater: High manganese and iron
Quality: content
Flow rate: 440 m3/day
Technology: ZeeWeed 1500 UF and BWRO
With installation of the SUEZ UF/RO solution, the treated water was used as boiler makeup at 750 m3/day. The quality of water improved, with iron and manganese values falling below permissible limits.

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