ZeeWeed 500D RO selected as frozen food company reuse solution

Location: Western India
Capacity: 1500 m3/day
Commissioned: 2013
Application: Wastewater treatment for reuse
Technology: Ultrafiltration (UF) & reverse osmosis (RO)

A facility in Western India that manufactures frozen foods was in search of a solution that would allow them to reuse wastewater produced at its plant. A tertiary treatment plant was suggested, with the source of water being pre-treated wastewater after secondary clarification and ozonation.


Considering the end application, quality of product water, and the continuity of operation, SUEZ proposed a submerged UF system featuring SUEZ’s ZeeWeed 500D, followed by a single-pass brackish water integral concentrate recovery (ICR)RO system.

The treated influent, with pre-existing treatment facilities, is passed through a 1000-micron (1mm) strainer for total suspended solids (TSS) polishing, and then fed to the UF system.

The ZeeWeed 500D supported hollow fiber membranes are robust and extremely durable. They are the fifth generation of the ZeeWeed 500 series, representing more than 10 years of research, development, and commercialization effort.

The evolution of this exceptional product has resulted in the optimization of several critical design, and operating parameters, including fiber, and potting materials, fiber spacing, and slackness, aeration, and cleaning regimes. The ZeeWeed 500D immersed, UF membrane is ideal for treating variable water quality with turbidity of 100 NTU and TSS of 300 mg/L. It is specifically designed for a high solids tolerance and long membrane life. A SUEZ ZeeWeed 500D UF systems offer significant savings on energy and chemical consumption required for effective plant operations.

The UF filtrate water from the UF permeate tank is pumped through a cartridge filter with necessary chemical conditioning and pressurized to the required pressure by RO high pressure pumps to the RO membrane system. The RO system is designed with optimum flux, higher recovery, and three-bank ICR design. This water is further polished through a degasser system for removal of free carbon dioxide (CO2), Hypo dosing is completed for disinfection and sodium hydroxide dosing corrects pH.


After commissioning SUEZ’s tertiary treatment solution, the treated effluent quality has considerably reduced SDI, TSS, and turbidity values. The plant’s treated wastewater is now reused in production process.

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