ZeeWeed MBR enables wastewater reuse for one of India’s largest beer brewers


One   of   India’s    largest   breweries    approached SUEZ  for a wastewater  treatment  solution  for their manufacturing   facilities  in   northern   and  western India. The wastewater  had  high biochemical oxygen demand  (BOD) and  chemical  oxygen demand  (COD). The treated  water  quality  required  by the company was of reuse standards.


SUEZ   created   custom   solutions   for   the   plants that  feature   SUEZ’s   membrane   bioreactor   (MBR) technology. MBR provides efficient effluent treatment by removing  the  dissolved  organics  that cause  BOD and suspended materials in wastewater. The systems replace   sedimentation    and   tertiary   filtration  in conventional    wastewater    treatment    systems    by providing  an  absolute   barrier   for  the  removal  of suspended solids.

The  ZeeWeed  MBR  systems  can  operate  with  the membranes  directly in the bioreactor tank, eliminating  the  need  for  secondary   clarifiers,  and  drastically reducing the plant footprint.

Screened  wastewater  flows  to the bioreactor  where mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) are maintained by  ensuring   proper   aeration.   This   degrades   the BOD   and   other   biodegradable   contents   of   the wastewater.  The  process  aeration  blowers  provide air for the biological tank and ensure sufficient oxygen is available to maintain the biological processes in the tank. The mixed liquor from the bioreactor flows to the membrane  tank by gravity. A one train ZeeWeed 500 ultrafiltration  (UF)   system   is   installed  in   the membrane    tank.   Periodically,   activated   sludge is wasted to maintain  the desired  solids  retention time (SRT).


Table 1: Project Summary


End User: Brewery
Location: Northern and Western India
Commissioned: 2014
Application: Wastewater treatment
Feed water Source: Effluent water
Capacity: 400 KLD
Technology: MBR

SUEZ’s    solution   reduced   the   total   suspended solids (TSS),  BOD,  and  chemical  oxygen demand (COD), providing  treated  water  as  per  the  reuse standards of the brewery.

SUEZ    is   a   pioneer    in   the   use   of    hollow fiber  membranes  for  water  treatment,  with more than 100 drinking  water and over  220  wastewater installations globally.

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