Today, India is going through major environmental challenges resulting from the exponential growth in population, exploding urbanization, climate change, scarcity of resources, etc. Our mission is to support the local authorities and industries with solutions that help them address the resources challenges.
Our mission

Securing the resources for our future

Natural resources are becoming scarcer as demand rises. We are designing and implementing new solutions to take on the four major challenges of the resource revolution: developing access to resources, protecting them, optimizing their use and producing new ones. This is how we're helping to secure the resources essential to our future.
Our achievements for industries

Innovative management of resources to improve economic and environmental performance

Solving the toughest water and process challenges wherever they occur - we bring together experienced professionals and advanced technologies to solve the India's most complex challenges related to water scarcity, quality, productivity, environment and energy.
Our achievements for municipalities

Smart and performant management of resources at the service of a sustainable development of the territories

We offer cities and territories a smart and sustainable way to manage their resources and help them to rise to their challenges: delivering quality water and wastewater services for all, creating new local and renewable energy sources, progressing towards the circular economy and the sustainable development of our regions.